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by Sgt Jim White

"The Ball Committee Report-1968"

This is a little known report by Assitant Secretary of State, George Ball. It was prepared foor the President of the United States in 1968. Researchers believe that this report is one of the most sensitive, secret, and well kept secrets in American Politics-EVER!

When it was found/uncovered, "no one had ever heard of it, very few had known a out it, and almost all the documents, drafts, and copies were either shredded or destroyed." What remains was discovered by accident while resear hers were looking for something else. It points out clearly how affraid the USGovernment was of information leaking on events regarding the South Korean peninsula during that time period.

The report cites that from 1966 to 1967, North Korean infiltrations jumped an amazing 500 to 600 percent. (This took place one year after the removal of two entire elite ROK Marine Divisions, that were sent to Vietnam, leaving a HUGE hole/gap in the Western Sector of the DMZ.)

This report notes that NO ONE wanted to believe that it had been possible for 31 North Korean Commandos, could easily have walked across the DMZ, in the snow, in the middle of winter (January), and get within 800 meters of the South Korean Presidential residence, The so-called, Blue-House.

If it had not been for two South Korean woodcutters, who ran into the Commandos as they worked their way south, they would have likely succeded in assassinating the President, his family, as well as other pre-planned targets. Instead of killing the two wood cutters, the NKs, let them go, a serious tactical mistake, as they then notified local authorities.

The South was totally shocked at this news, and even mis-calculated the rate of march the North Koreans were capable of. These Commandos were highly trained and schooled in all areas of espionage, infiltrations, demolition, and subversive activities. The North Korean Commandos were far out in front of where the South Koreans expected them to be. Astonishing!

At the U.S. Embassy, which learned later that it too had been targeted for destruction and attack, the Blue House Raid had taken center stage, even above the USS Pueblo incident. The question that haunted US Officials was, "if the North Koreans were capable of pulling off two such attacks in less than three or four days, then what was coming next? They had NO IDEA! And worst, no one could even come close to even guessing. Both the US, as well as the South Koreans were taken totally by surprise.

The pressure that then came from the South Korean Military leaders, as well as citizens of the South was extremely INTENSE, as they wanted retaliation, immediately for the attempted murder of their President and his family.

In a February report issued by Secretary Joel Vance, it was learned or uncovered that the South Korean military had been launching "mini-Gurrilla warfare invasions", into North Korea and that all indications were it had been going on for at least six months, and possibly quite longer, US officials had no way of knowing how long this had taken place, and the South Koreans had no intensions of telling them either. Secretary Vance, claimed at that time that the US had just discovered this new information. The majority of mini invasions occured or were launched in the Eastern section of the country, in the mountains, where the South Korean military had total control of the area.

Inside the US Embassy, officials were only told or briefed after the fact about the attack, when the entire incident was over. Leaving all Embassy personnel in the dark, and totally unaware of what was taking place.

In the end, the South Korean military did an excellent job, of hiding these facts from the entire US Iintelligence community. These facts beg the question, how much else was hidden or kept from US Military Commanders? Were casualty reports faked, or altered? Were they ever reported in the first place? How many actual infiltrations had taken place in the Eastern Section of the country that were NEVER REPORTED? How many ROK soldiers were either killed or wounded, that never became part of the US figures, which, in and of themselves are suspect, and considered by many to be far lower thsn they actually were.

Initially, the North Koreans were set and prepared to hit FIVE different targets in the South. The targets were: (1) The Blue House Presidential Palace, (2) The United States Embassy, (3) ROK Army Headquarters, (4) The Prison in Seoul and free all prisoners, and (5) the North Korean Interrogation Center under the South Korean Security Command.

It is noted worthy as well as cited in various other documents, that the TET OFFENSIVE in South Vietnam, took place the same month, and the targets were strangely simliar in nature. Some have observed that Kim and HoChi Minn had coordinated the attacks, however that has never been proven.

In a conference that was held in late 1969, the US Ambassadour to South Korea, after the shooting down of the EC-121 Navy Spy plane, was asked if the field exercise "Focus Retina" was being held in correlation to the incident. The Ambaassadour replied, he'd never heard of such an operation. The Field Training Exercise FTX, had been held in South Korea for Years. Focus Retina and later Focus Lens was a joint operational training exercise between US and South Korean armed forces.

The entire situation during that time and those years, was totally and completely out of control. It is only by the grace of God, that those of us who served there in South Korea, never saw full-blown, all out war! It is simply astonishing looking back now, some 45 years later, and wonder just how it was ever avoided.

by Sgt Jim White

Making an argument to the VA for Tactical Herbicide Exposure.


I believe that an awful lot of 51st Signal Bn. veterans are missing an "EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SECTION" of this report, and not explaining it properly or correctly in how it pertains to their service in South Korea.

On Page 19, (swiping the pages listed), you come to Paragraph (a). It begins, "To counter NK Infiltrators use of heavily vegetated areas along the DMZ," at the bottom of that paragraph it states the following, VERY CLEARLY!


First, the I-Corps Area, WAS AND INCLUDES CAMP RED CLOUD. CRC was I-Corps Command Headquarters, for years! Second: Coverage of 580 acres in the I-Corps area. CRC was only approximately 160 acres in size, according to military documents. That leaves 420 additional acres of coverage to account for. Since Camp Pililaau was within walking distance of CRC, and basically right up the road, one can easily make the argument (I did in my VA Statement of Claim), that spraying CRC and NOT Pililaau, which was I-Corps only signal communications unit, and controlled the entire communications network for ALL I-Corps units, (which included the 2nd Inf. Div. The 7th Inf Div., the 1st and 6th ROK Army, the 5th ROK Marines, the 25th ROK Army, as well as ALL REMOTE RADIO SITES, in the Western Section of the DMZ, it is completely illogical to say or even assume that Camp Pililaau was not afforded vegetation control/protection from infiltrators by the use of Agent Orange or MONURON is simply not possible. The Army at times can be stupid, BUT NOT THAT STUPID.

If you served or worked at Pililaau, CRC, a remote radio site, or on tactical field maneuvers, be sure to include and reference this fact, listed in this government document, that we provided the communications ability for I-Corps (GP), and all units attached or assigned to the First Corps.

Let the VA just try to "PROVE" that that is not the way it was!

After citing this document, you then find and cite Army Field Manual FM 11-92, which will back up, show, document, prove, that is the way Corps Signal Operations did in fact work. This manual is titled "CORPS SIGNAL BATTALION OPERATIONS". One will compliment/prove the other. The Army Field Manual is ARMY LAW, and is INDISPUTABLE in how it is carried out. Even the VA cannot dispute Army Law and procedures. Only the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, can change or modify Army Laws and regulations. You and I lived by those Army Regulations in the performance of our duties, EACH AND EVERY DAY WHILE IN THE US ARMY.


by Sgt Jim White

I recently had the pleasure to meet with a Korean War Veteran and wanted to share it with our website visitors.

Hey Guys:

I was sitting in the VA Eye Clinic this morning, when this older gentleman approaches me. He looks at my hat (it says "Korean DMZ Veteran on the front, (I had "TACTICAL COMBAT GUERRILLA WARFARE" stitched on the side), he says to me, "you were in Korea?"

I said YES, BUT NOT THE ONE YOUR THINKING OF, I WAS IN THE SECOND ONE.! He says, "Hell, First, Second, Third, it don't matter, damned war never ended anyway!"

He then walked away.

About 4 or 5 minutes later he returns and hands me a paper, he says, this is for you, and good luck. I open it and read it. It says the following which I found truly amazing!.


A "Veteran", is someone who either voluntarily or involuntarily, answered his countries call to duty. Whether active, discharged, retired, or reserve, it is someone who, at a very young age, and at one point in his life, WROTE A BLANK CHECK, MADE PAYABLE TO "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", for an amount "UP TO AND INCLUDING HIS LIFE"...........


I saw him about two hours later, and asked him where he got what he gave me. He said, I wrote it myself. Then said, "I was with the 1st Cavalry in the winter of 52', when 300,000 Chinese came South. We left a lot of good men, in the snow, dead and frozen, on the sides of those mountains, many of which were never found, even to this day. Most of them wouldn't believe what's happened to our country. I just try to let as many people I see, know, of the sacrafice, all Veterans have made, willingly. We're not the crazy, whacked out citizens they try making us out to be

I simply said, Amen Brother. He then shook my hand, he hugged me, he said goodbye and he walked away.

A good day at the VA for a change.

That was a mere 16 yrs before I and many others arrived there. Makes you stop and think, 16 yrs ain't crap!

Proud to have served - Jim White - Korea 1969 / 1970

For more information about the "hat" that got the attention of this Korean War Veteran, please contact Gary Blauvelt through our website contact information.


by Gary Blauvelt

I recently had the pleasure to meet with a Korean War Veteran and wanted to share it with our website visitors.


Recently I was at a local flea market shopping around looking for things of interest and my eyes met with another Veteran who was also was wearing a Korean Veteran hat.

I have this thing about making it a point to walk up to any apparent Veteran and shake his hand. Most times the feeling is mutual. I could tell right off he was an old timer of the Korean War. We began talking, and that led to much more talking. He told me he and his wife were just down here in Florida for a couple of weeks, escaping the winter weather of northern Illinois.

As the conversation went on I found out he was the “Commander” of the “ Korean War and Korean Service Veterans - Department of Illinois” and that his name was Robert F. Fitts. As we spoke - he said “come over to my car - I have something I want to give you”. I said ok, while wondering all the way to his car.

Prior to going to his car we had spoken for nearly an hour of many things pertaining to Korea. When we got there he offered me a Korean War Veteran hat - which I respectfully declined, simply because I just didn’t feel right wearing it for a time period which I had not been there and had not “earned”. Then he said “you” will take this handed me a patch which reflected it was from and for the Korean War And Korea Service Veterans.

He then he handed me a book --WOW-- We shook hands once again, he gave me a hug! We then parted ways, each with tears in our eyes.

I will stop here at all the previous conversations we spoke about as I want to bring to everyone’s attention this “book” some may already be aware of but I certainly was not. It is a tribute to the Veterans of those before us ( sadly we are not really recognized for our time frame). --so going forward-- here is how you can get it/ request it/ or possibly order it.

It is a 60th. year Anniversary Edition from the Korean government and a tribute to the Forgotten Victory of those Veterans who served. The book is FREE !!!!!! I have to point out that there are many amazing photo’s, past & present day in this book.

Proud to have served - Gary Blauvelt - Korea 1968 / 1969


A Grateful Nation
Honors War Veterans for 60 years of growth

ISBN 978-0-615-84748-1 $0.00

PUBLISHER WEBSITE and information about how to get your free book: www.remembermyservice.com

Thank You!

from 51st Signal Battalion Korean Veterans