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Arriving in plenty of time after the hour plus drive to make his appointment. He sat waiting in the waiting room, and waiting, and waiting. The his phone rang. "Hello Mr. Smith" (not real name) "this is the VA calling you. I'm sorry but your appointment for today has been cancelled."

WHAT, I'M SITTING IN THE WAITING ROOM RIGHT NOW and now you tell me it has been cancelled and it's time for my appointment.

Needless to say, they didn't care about his dilemma. We just won't see you today. We have to reschedule for this Thursday. That being the day they had planned around for his wife to have her surgery and his wife's surgery had been planned based on the appointment they were now cancelling, he told them so. Sorry, that's what's available. His response was that he would try to make it but he may not be able to and would let them know if he couldn't.

Thursday, wife's surgery put off because her health would allow for it so he could go to his VA appointment. Once again, sitting in the waiting room after the long trip and once again comes the call. "Mr. Smith, I see where you have cancelled your appointment" - "cancelled what appointment" - "the one for today". What the hell!

He explained that no appointment was ever cancelled and what had transpired. He was asked "well, can you make it then" -- ahhhh - yes, I'm sitting here right now. OK, we can see you today then.

He finally got the see the doctor, but can you imagine the stress, anxiety, etc. that is involved when those with physhological issues are seeking help! Although his story surely is not alone and possibly others are much worse, I thought it worth mentioning. We LOVE OUR VETERANS BENEFITS!

Send Us Your Experiences, good or bad and we will too others about what you have experienced and possibly help them through some rough periods in getting treatment they need and deserve!


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