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Finally, we now have it!

Thank to Gary Blauvelt and several others, we now can wear and support ourselves and those others that served during the "Cold War Era" in a forgotten part of the world without any recognition of what we were doing and did during that time frame.

We now have available special commemorative patches and hats available for all those that served during the time when the "larger" and socially unpopular war in Vietnam was going on in an area that involved a great deal of conflict never recorded or even mentioned publically for the most part. We did our DUTY, silent about it, supported those troups that were there and possibly in more danger than we ourselves may have been. And we did it PROUDLY!

This is the NEW 51st Signal Battalion Patch, one of a kind that came about some 46 years after our group of veterans who served in Korea back in the mid 60's & 70's came up with the idea to have a unit patch to commemorate their time frame and service during the "Forgotten 2nd Korean Conflict".

It's design came about with input from many 51st. Veterans who served. The 51st. Signal Battalion Unit Crest super imposed over the I-Corps (Group) patch, red lettering signifying those who spilled blood doing their service for our country and you. Did you know that in one year 20% of the blood needed in Vietnam that year was provided by only about 50,000 that were serving in Korea?

This patch and hat reflects DMZ and JSA duties which are spelled out in the units history records. Although many that served in Korea may not have gone to these area, many more did and are still in a fight for recognition of them doing their duties while in Korea. The Agent Orange Survivor signifies our government finally admitting usage of Tactical Herbicides also in Korea and not just in Vietnam, although it was only acknowledged some 40 years later. Many were not affected, but those that were are having extreme difficulty proving exposure.

Support your brothers in arms!

These patches are very high quality iron on type so no sewing is necessary. They are embroideried patches and can be put on hats, jackets or what ever you would like. The area sized to be easily fit to the front of any hat, used as a shoulder type patch or on the front of a jacket or shirt.

Patches are available for a modest cost of $5.00 total which includes shipping


Hats are available for $15.00 which also includes shipping.


ORDER ONE NOW! Wear it proudly! You deserve the respect for your service to our country!

For information and ordering please contact Gary Blauvelt Email Gary or call him at (352) 650-8605.

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Thank You!

from 51st Signal Battalion Korean Veterans