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We have become aware of some Veterans that have passed and are no longer with us and believe that we need to provide a area where others can know of their passing. This page is dedicated to them, those that served in Korea with the 51st Signal Battalion. Ranks listed are ranks while serving with 51st Sig. Bn. and may have changed after their service with 51st Sig. The listing here is in no order, just as we hear of them and get the information included.

We ask that if know know of others that are no longer with us, please notify us so that we may include them. Family members please feel free to contact us if you have information that we may include in here or elsewhere in our website!


Thank you for your service and condolences to the families and all who knew them.

NAME INFORMATION Picture Link or More Information Company
LTC Kenneth T. Eddleman Deceased September 23, 2007 Battalion Headquarters 1968-1969 Obit Not Available
CSM Roger E. Babbie Deceased January 7, 2015 Battalion Headquarters 1968-1969 Obit Info Included
Maj Harold B. Demick Jr. Deceased December 21, 2011 XO Battalion Headquarters 1968-1969 Obit Info Included
Maj Robert Burl Eddy Deceased Dec. 25, 2003 (Death Record) XO Battalion Headquarters 1967-1968 Obit Info Included
Cpt Vermillion, Harold E."Pete" Deceased April 11, 2008 Bn Chaplain 1967-1968 Obit Info Included
SGM Wilfred E. Dare Deceased (per GrDaughter) December 29, 1984 Battalion Headquarters 1967-1968 Obit Info Included
CW3 M. Ray Mighells (M.R. Mighells) Deceased per Lynn Morris September 27, 2014 (cancer) Bn Personnel Officer 1967-1968 Obit Info Included
Sgt Gary R Robinson Deceased per family (cancer) Bn Supply Sgt 1968-1969 Obit not available
Cassie William Emanuel, Jr. Deceased August 26, 2009 (cancer) Bn Headquarters personnel 1968-1969 Obit not available
John Abernathy Deceased per family (cancer) Headquarters Company Motor Pool 1967-1968 Obit not available
SP5 Saburo Tanisaka Jan 31, 2015 per family (cancer) Company A 1967-1968 Obit Info Included
SP5 Don E. Bright April 19, 2009 per
Jim Morganegg (cancer)
Company C 1968-1969 Obit Info Included
SP5 Joe (Joe) Laufnick September 10, 2015 per wife Joan Laufnick Company A 1970-1971 Obit Info Included
SP5 John Socki April 10, 2017 per Greg Maliska Hq Co 1967-1968 Obit not available

If you have information relating to someone who should be included here, please send us an email. Contact us through the "Email Us" link on this page or by clicking




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